When I realised that some of the green panels at VISIONA 2 were lamps not only wall panels, I thought of this prototype wall panel I got some years ago.

The colour of this prototype wall panel did not really fit into Verner Pantons other colours from this time period. I couldnĀ“t understand why.

Now I beleive this could very well be a prototype wall lamp – not a wall panel!

I did some test with lamps into the biggest “bumps” and it looked about hundred times better than without the light.

I have no “proof” for this theory but I am very curious about it. At about the same year, Verner developed his Wirelamp which had shades in yellow with the exact same diameter.

This panel was made as a prototype for the VISIONA 2 exhibition but was never used there.

Now I just did my test, putting the panel into a table holder but I will try it on the wall with light and everything.

Luckilly, these days you can find lamps wich are not very hot!

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