Everything is now ready for painting the ceiling and walls in strong aubergine colour. Exact the same tone as Verner Panton used in his design.

You can see the difference between the tones at the wall and the test cardboard under the Living Tower.
In the first picture, on the wall you can see where I painted over some holes with the new colour.

I had also another, even a lighter tone in the ceiling before but now I will try to keep the whole room in a very few different tones.
I will keep the floor in strong purple, the same as the Mira-X carpet you see on the floor.

I have now also lowered the fence 10 cm:s wich makes the room feel bigger.

Then I have made some electrical changes. Now I will have about 12 electrical plugs ready up in the ceiling next to different hooks.
So when I re-arrange the room, I can just unplug the lamp and put it somewhere else where it is already a electrical plug and a hook.
Then I don’t need to use uggly extra cords in the ceiling to make the lamps lit up.
All lamps are connected to two different dimmers so the light can easilly be adjusted.
A lot of work but probably nice in the end.

I had plans to paint all night long… Only one problem – my roller was dry and hard as a stone! Impossible to use.
Better luck tomorrow…

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