Here you can see some sketches for the prototype model of the UFO LAMP. From the begining this lamp was called RINGLAMPE instead of UFO LAMP. I will try to investigate why. In 1970, some years before the UFO LAMP was designed, Verner already designed a lamp with the name RING LAMP.

This sketch above shows the “RINGLAMPE TYP IV” wich was designed in july 1973. Strangely only two weeks from when my girlfriend was born. Two good things happend that month!

Only one prototype of each UFO LAMP model were made by the Verner Panton Studio and L├╝ber but it never came into production. As far as I know, only six different models / lamps were made in total and it is only the ones with a metal bar on top that is real originals. Even if he designed some lamps with large wooden ceilingplates, these were never made.


Panton in 1975 also made an installation with a lot of lamps / rings hanging down from the ceiling. But these rings were made later than the first lamps. Panton also used large 60 cm ceilingplates in plastic instead of the wooden ones that were originally designed for it. Nevertheless, a very cool ceiling!


Here is another prototype sketch for the UFO LAMP. The “RINGLAMPE XI” from 1974.

Sorry for the yellow photos. It is taken with my mobile phone…

To get one of these six lamps have been my dream since I started collecting Panton.

One day…

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