I have seen it so many times now so I might write something here.

There are a lot of fake Panton wall panels in plastic around:


light green/dark green,

black / white

Verner Panton never did them in these colours. The green ones did exist but all of the originals were thrown away in 1970.

The ones in the colours above which you can see att auction houses and ebay are made many years after Pantons original plastic panels from the 70:ies.

You could buy them new for 85 GBP until some years ago.

Now the sell for a lot of money. I feel so sorry for the persons who buys them.

It is not a piece made by Verner Panton! I have double checked this with Marianne Panton.

One purple / red were sold at ebay yesterday. It sold for over 1000 euros!

There are a lot of these copies made.

I feel sorry for the poor persons who buys these copies for that money.

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