One rare piece of the first edition “GEOMETRY 1” fabric. Handprinted in an attic in Copenhagen 1960.

This was specially made for the “ORANGE / APPELSIN” – part of the ASTORIA restaurant in Trondheim. The pattern should look like oranges.

But if you look at the pattern you will see someting “strange” compared to the serial production made fabrics that UNIKA VÆV later made.
The smallest and the medium sized dots/oranges are doubelled. The whole pattern is bigger than the UNIKA VÆV-edition.

You can see this fabric in an LOUIS POULSEN advertisement from ASTORIA.

I have an orange wall-to-wall carpet with the GEOMETRY 1 pattern and some thin “see through”- curtains in this pattern.

But here the pattern is smaller than the first edition.

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