1992 Pendant lamp 0031992 Pendant lamp1992 Pendant lamp prototype1992 Pendant lamp1992 Pendant lamp1992 Pendant lamp 001

Pendant prototype lamps
Year: 1992
Size: ∅: 27 h: 27 cm
Colour: Silver / white / red
Material: Acryl
Manufacturer: Dansk Akryl Teknik
Country: Denmark
Remarks: Lamp made for the exhibition “Design Iscenesat” at Gammel Strand wich was Louis Poulsens showroom in Copenhagen. These lamps never came into a serial production but 37 pieces were special made for the exhibition.Verner used  different coloured bulbs inside the lamp to get the effect of lamps in blue, green, red and yellow.
Provinance: The director of Dansk Akryl Teknik
Number: 4 pieces