Visiona 2 Wall Element
Year: 1969
Size: 62,5 x 62,5 cm.
Colour: green / light green
Material: Cellidor
Manufacturer: Horlacher
Country: Switzerland
Remarks: Mega rare original “Wall element” / “Luminus Wall Element” from the Visiona 2 exhibition in Cologne 1970. Two of probably only three remaining original pieces in the world.

In the same time, these panels are probably the most copied pieces I have seen from Verner PantonĀ“s design. A company in the UK made similar copies around 2002-2009 and they pop up from time to time, especially at ebay. Their website is now shutted down but you can see fragments of their former website here: http://www.popartplastic.co.uk:80/assets/pages/tiles/tiles.html and some prices here: https://web.archive.org/web/20090118161122/http://www.popartplastic.co.uk:80/assets/pages/price_list/price_list.html

The copies have a little wrong/colder tones of green and they are thicker. I have seen so many people trying to sell the fake ones claiming them to be the originals but so far, no one of them has been the real deal. Usually, the copies are in very good condition and they have a different way of mounting them together than these originals wich are stapled together.

Besides the green fake panels, it has been others in red/violet wich are totally fake too and not a design by Verner Panton. They were made by the same UK company and I have seen them in auctions and even in a french museum wich is quite embarassing for these places: http://www.mam-st-etienne.fr/index.php?rubrique=260&rsrc=938&rec=visiona%7C0%7C0%7C1

The original wall panels from Horlacher 1970 are thinner than the copies and in fact, the originals are actually not only wall panels but wall lamps that you should have lights in. Below you see a picture of when they were lit up.

Provinance: Co-worker at Visiona 2 in Cologne 1970
Number: 2 pieces