Lounge Seat
Two-seater chair
Recliner chair

Knochensessel / Bone Chair
Year: 1969

Lounge seat: H: 100 cm, D: 107 cm, W: 61 cm

Two-seater chair: H 72 cm, D: 135 cm, W: 61 cm

Recliner chair: H 80,5 cm, D: 120,5 cm, W: 61 cm

Colour: Pink
Material: Fiberglass – reinforced polyester
Manufacturer: Horlacher
Country: Switzerland

Remarks: Extremely rare chair made in a few copies in context of the exhibition “Visiona 2” in 1970. The chair can be used as an lounge chair, a recliner chair or a two-seater depending on what way you have it. Misses the original furnishing.

Provenance: The exhibition “Visiona 2” in Cologne (see the picture below of the very same chair at Visiona 2), later in a private home. The owner was an upholsterer and got is a thank you for fixing the chair when Visiona 2 was going to open.

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