1967 Salon Rouge table 0021967 Salon Rouge table 0041967 Salon Rouge table 0051967 Salon Rouge table 0061967 Salon Rouge table 0071967 Salon Rouge table 0031967 Salon Rouge table 0011966 Enamel Table

Salon Rouge enamel table
Year: ca 1968
W: 90 d: 90 h: 4 cm
Colour: red / light red
Material: steel / enamel
Manufacturer: Emaillerie Corgémont.
Remarks: Only remaining round table from “Salon Rouge” wich was the staff cantine at Emaillerie Corgémont who made Verner Pantons enamel objects. Verner Panton designed a special interior for this place wich also worked as a showroom. Walls, ceilings, lamps and tables was in red enamel. The floor had a red wall-to-wall carpet.
Number: 1 piece