Purple prototype glass table
Year of design ca 1955-56 / Year of production: ca 1956-57
H: 41 W: 80 D: 80 cm
Colour: Purple, black
Material: Purple glass plate, black steel structure
Manufacturer: Verner Panton
Country: Denmark
Remarks: One-off prototype table that was given from Verner Panton to the danish designer Arne and his wife Anni 1957. Arne worked together with Verner around the summer house called “All-Round” in 1955.

The table was a personal gift from Verner since he thought their table in their summerhouse was too ugly. It has been in the familly since 1957. The design reminds of the Bachelor Chair but also the Butterfly Chair who Verner developed a portable version from around the same years.
Provenance: Familly who worked with Verner Panton from ca 1955.
Number: 1