I buy all kinds of Verner Panton objects. It may be lamps, fabrics, carpets or other objects thas has to do with Verner Panton´s design. If you have any items you think is designed by Verner Panton don´t hesitate to send me an email: niklas@pantonworld.com


I am a private collector and not a dealer so you can be sure I pay the best prices for items I don´t have in the collection. Here you can see pictures of items I especially look for but anything that has to do with Verner Panton is interesting to me. Even stories!

Thank you and best regards Niklas / PANTONWORLD



Ich kaufe Objekte, entworfen von Verner Panton. Es können Lampen, Stoffe, Teppiche oder andere Objekte sein.
Wenn Sie Artikel von Verner Panton zu verkaufen haben, zögern Sie nicht mich zu kontaktieren, selbst wenn Sie unsicher sind, ob der Entwurf tatsächlich von Panton ist.
Mit freundlichen Grüssen, Niklas

Jeg køber objekter designet af Verner Panton.
Det kan være lamper, tekstiler, tæpper eller noget andet.
Hvis du har objekt, du ved eller tror, er designet af Verner Panton, tøv ikke med at kontakte mig!
E-mail mig på:


Med venlig hilsen Niklas

Jag köper föremål designade av VERNER PANTON.
Det kan vara lampor, tyger, mattor eller andra objekt.
Om du har föremål du vet eller tror är gjorda av Verner Panton så tveka inte att höra av dig.
Jag betalar bra!

Maila mig på:


Med vänliga hälsningar Niklas

J’achète des objets dessinés par Verner Panton.
Cela peut être des lampes, des tissus, des tapis ou autre chose.
Si vous pensez être en possession d’articles qui ont été conçus par Verner
Panton, n’hésitez pas à me contacter!
Mon adresse e-mail :


Cordialement Niklas




Niklas (ニクラス)








  1. Hello

    My mother has a low table squared about 1 x 1 m (perhaps a bit more) in black glass in a black ironframe and and with black v-shaped ironlegs.
    He made it for my parents summerhouse in 1957 because they knew eachother. It was never in production I think.
    Some years ago my mother contacted his widow to ask if she would confirm that werner >Panton made the table and she said yes, but my mother got ill and didn´t follow up.
    I don´t know if the widow is still alive, do you know? Perhaps my mother wants to sell it but she is not sure.
    We live in copenhagen, Denmark.
    Will you contact us?


  2. PS: We had the table together with a carpet like the blue and green carpet you show on the picture when I was a child. But as I remember it was dark blue and turquise.
    Just so that you can imagine the style. Panton gave it to my parents because he thought their summerhouse really really needed it.

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