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In the mid 70:ies Verner Panton designed a toy system for the swiss toy maker Kurt Naef. The Pantonaef system was maybe more for “adult kids” than small kids so the system wasn´t that big success at the time.  Here you can see  the different plates and figures in my collection. I have really tried to find all the possible colours ever made. The “usuall” colours that were sold in the stores were a light and dark version of: red, blue and grey. So far I have founded about 30 different colours / shades. Most of them are very rare prototypes that comes from Verner or Kurt himself. Some prototype plates have even coloured leather pieces glued to them.

If you click on the picture it will come up in full size and you can also read the info about the pieces. If you have any questions about the Pantonaef toy system, please send me an email:

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