The rooms at Pantonworld.



  1. Thanks Bert!
    Hope to show new pictures of all the rooms soon because a lot is changed since these pictures were taken.
    Hopefully changed to the better :)

  2. Beautiful home! I’m jealous. I love the psychedelic style! I’ve become keenly interested in Verner Panton items. For my new condo I just purchased a VP globe, a small wire lamp in white (only color they come in :( ur lucky you got orange), and two moon lights.

  3. You collection is amazing! I love the 70s design and I am so jealous that you are able to live in such a groovy environment ;)
    It must be difficult to keep the rooms “clean”, with only a minimal amount of personal items laying around so they don’t disturb the overall design. Do you keep them in some storage or did you take them away for the photoshoot? That’s what interests me.
    Greetings :)

  4. Hello, we have a couple of carpet wich look a lot like panton’s work, can you tell us what you think about it?
    Best regards

  5. Thanks for contacting me. We talk more over email. Best regards Niklas

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