Here comes some of the fantastic pictures I got the other day.


  The entrance of Varna Restaurant.
 The Salami Chair / Dux Sessel prototype at Heimtextil fair 1971. This chair is now in the Pantonworld collection.

A part of the Varna restaurant I never seen before. Really cool enemel panels in blue!

A restaurant in Stockholm in the 60:ies. This version of Geometri wall-to-wall carpet is something I never seen before. Also some Cone Chairs with two colours.

   The Unika Væv showroom at Lidnersplan in Stockholm. The picture is taken in the 60:ies. The orange Cone Stool you see in front of the picture is the very same as in the picture. I got it from the son of Sten Hermansson who owned the showroom.
 A waiting area in Sweden. Probably Stockholm in the 60:ies. The Geometri wall-to-wall carpet is great!