pictures 001 pictures 002 pictures 003 pictures 004 pictures 005 pictures 006I have now got the old picture slides from Sten Hermanssons familly. It is in total 99 pictures but I need to scan them in a professional way before I show them to you. Here is just a short preview of some pictures. The first one is from Sten´s Unika Væv showroom in Stockholm in the 60:ies. Then you have some pictures from the first Mira-X exhibition, Heimtextil, in Frankfurt 1971.

I also realised that I have two of the furniture in the pictures. You see the orange Cone Stool in the Unika Væv showroom. I got that from the familly earlier.

Then I saw my prototype of the Salami Chair /Dux Sessel in other pictures from Germany. I haven´t seen such detailed pictures before.