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Here comes one of the most interesting catalogues I have seen for a long time.

This is a catalogue from J. Lüber 1971-72.

Lüber were the company who manufactured many of Verner Pantons lamps but also the wire furniture system called Pantonova (in Switzerland), plastic panels and other objects like mirrors and a coat rack.

In this rare catalogue you can also see the round wire table wich never came into serial production (In the catalogue the table doesn´t have any order number or price). As far as I know there were only two tables made. One of them is here in the Panton World collection and the other one is at the Vitra Design Museum.

Another interesting thing is that the FUN lamps were much more expensive than for example the Ball and Spiral lamps. Today it is the opposite.

Also, every piece wich was chromed seems to be more expensive than the coloured plastic pieces. I guess this has to do with how much work they had to put into these objects.

All the objects were handmade in a very good quality.

As an example, A FUN 4 DM lamp was more expensive than a TYP A Ball lamp.

The prices you see in the catalogue is in D-Mark. In 1972, the rate for D-Mark versus Swiss Franc was about the same but to get the todays rate you need to take it x 3. So the lamps were extremely expensive at that time.

In the future you can see this catalogue under “Literature” amongst hundreds of other documents here at Panton World.

All the documents there are placed in an order of the year they were printed so look for it around the other literature from 1971-1972.