You always got surpriced with Verner’s design. This rare “New Wave” glass lamp from 1985 arrived today. I first now realised it can be built in several ways wich was quite funny. The extra spare part in the background can also fit over the first one to make a tall base but I dubt it […]


The electric is working! After examining the cords I would say this lamp was first hanged somewhere where it was directly attached to the ceiling. When removed they cut the cord just below the ceiling plate (the top cord is a little short) and hanged it somewhere else, probably in this house with the extra […]


Some first pictures of the early version SP3 that just arrived from Germany. I am super exited about this lamp and more pics will follow when I have taken more pieces out of the box. The lamp came with a custom made metal plate wich fits perfectly above the ceiling plate if you bend it […]


Verpan has now made a re-edition of the “Inflatable Chair” from 1960. It is again a joint venue together with Prada that makes them see the daylight. The chairs will be the seatings for their next show. Here is some pictures I got from Marianne Panton including an old one from the original chair in […]