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Welcome to PANTON WORLD and my VERNER PANTON collection!

My name is  Niklas and I live in Göteborg, Sweden.

The PANTON WORLD collection is one of the biggest collections in the world with thousands of  vintage VERNER PANTON pieces. Here you can see furniture, lamps, carpets, fabrics, drawings, magazines, original photos and many more objects from the one and only. The objects are sorted in picture galleries by the year they were designed. If you click on one picture, you will see it in full resolution and you will also be able to read all info about the piece.

Panton World

I always look for new pieces for the collection so please contact me if you have any objects for sale.

Since I am a collector not a dealer you can be sure I will pay the best prices for pieces I don´t have in the collection. Also, if I can help you with anything that has to do with VERNER PANTON please contact me at:

Flowerpot-lamp-cluster-type-DAt this website you will also learn a lot about Verner´s design and I do my best to explain as much as I can. I have over the years posted nearly 1 000 posts regarding stories, old pictures, “new” items for my collection but also how you can determine if something is original or fake. I have been fortuned to have MARIANNE PANTON and RINA TROXLER to help me when I can´t find any info about the pieces that comes up. I am also lucky to have very good contact with former co-workers and friends to the familly. Besides this I have becomed friends with collectors, dealers, manufacturers, museum workers, interior designers and other Panton fans around the world. A lot of people sends me questions and I am very happy to help you.

Violet roomAt PANTON WORLD you can see the rooms we live in. Many of them are painted in the exact same colourscale as Verner used in the Panton familly´s rooms during the 70:ies.

Last but not least, I am always very happy for all the tips you send me where to find pieces I don´t have in the collection. Thank you!

I hope you enjoy the website!

1970 SP01 in blue tones early edition1969 SP1mira tulle 011991 Pyramid prototype lampVerner Panton portrait

Verner Panton (1926-1998).
Verner-Panton signature
Marianne Panton meeting 2014I celebrated my birthday with Marianne Panton and her husband in May 2014.
Mr Mira-XThe founder of the company Mira-X at Panton World 2014.
Mr Mira-XThe founder of the company Mira-X at Panton World 2014.
Binningen gatesMe in front of the fantastic enamel gates outside the villa in Binningen where Verner Panton and his familly lived 1972-1987.
Vitra Design MuseumA special invitation to see the Panton archives at the Vitra Design Museum. May 2014.
Vitra Design Museum 2014


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