Vitra Design Museum 2014

Welcome to Panton World and probably the biggest private Verner Panton collection in the world!

My name is Niklas and I live in Gothenburg, Sweden.

You can here see everything from drawings and one-off prototypes to rare furniture, lamps, carpets, fabrics, objects, photos, posters and literature.
If you you have any questions regarding pieces or if you want to sell anything designed by Verner Panton, do not hesitate to contact me.

I always look for new pieces for the collection. Since I am a collector and not a dealer you can be sure I will pay the best prices for pieces I don´t have in the collection. If I can help you with anything that has to do with Verner Panton´s design please contact me at:

1960 Geometri I 0081964 Mirror Sculpture prototypeMira Romantica CarpetGeometri wallAubergine roomPanton WorldBlue room 009Early Panton prototypeBlue room1971 Pantonova sofa1984 Circus building seats 001PantonaefRed room panelsPurple room1971-Salon-RougeWhite room1959 Chair C1Pyramids1970 Varna Restaurant1970 Varna Restaurant1963 Unika Vaev showroom Sweden


  1. I have a Verner Panton rug and would like to sell it but do not know its value. The label on the back identifies it as MIRA ROMANTICA, 137 x 198 cm, multicolor, No. 94.859w. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. I have a Vilbert chair (the one panton designed for IKEA). Was about to eBay it, as try as I might- it is just a bit too much for our house, but saw your website and wondered if you had/ wanted one? Its in excellent condition with the cellophane layer still attached to the back….

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